Europe Day 47: And … Scene

I write this from the comfort of my own home early on the morning after returning (jet lag, y’know?).

This was, all in all, a trip I greatly enjoyed. Perhaps at some point I’ll pull together some thoughts and some favorite photos and places. For now, I just wanted to close out the daily blogs with an appreciation to everyone who played a part in this grand journey – family, friends, and especially those who helped along the way when things got a little crazy.

I now know most of Europe and have a strong sense for those places where I wish to spend more time. Looking forward to the next adventure!

Day 47 tracklog.
Paris, France, to Seattle, Washington · 8212 km / 5103 mi

Just for fun (and because I’m a hopeless map geek), here’s the overall trip:

Overall trip


By the numbers:

  • 47 days
  • countries visited: 18 (10 of them new to me)
  • total distance traveled: 36,754 km / 22,838 mi
  • planes: 10
  • trains: 2
  • automobiles: 9
  • ferries: 3
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