Spring Break ’19 Day 4: A Plan Comes to Fruition

Unsent Letters · Saint Paul’s Bay, Malta

Spring Break ’19 Day 4: A Plan Comes to Fruition

Like the last two days, there was a plan for today.

This plan had been in the works for years.

But unlike the last two days, this plan came to fruition.

Malta International Airport, Luqa, Malta
Malta International Airport, Luqa, Malta

20 years ago, I had my first opportunity to visit Europe. From that first visit, to Germany, for work, I fell in love. I have enjoyed returning many times in the years since.

This afternoon, when I landed in Malta, I completed something I’ve been actively pursuing for the last several years.

I’ve set foot in all 28 member nations of the European Union.

(With Brexit looming large, it’s possible I’m one of the last people to attain that status while there are still 28. But I digress …)

. . .

Honestly, I struggled a bit to find photographic themes in Cyprus.

In Malta, I have the opposite struggle: There is an abundance of photographic riches here.

Herewith, my favorites from today’s initial exploration:

Flight tracklog.
Larnaca, Cyprus, to Luqa, Malta · 1766 km / 1097 mi
Driving tracklog.
around Malta · 67 km / 42 mi
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