Spring Break ’19 Day 6: Farewell, Malta

In case you haven’t figured this out about me already, I like being a nomadic traveler.

Sometimes I skim a few places rather rapidly; sometimes I dive in deep on one place.

This trip is about exploring new places. Maybe some of them I will return to for a longer visit.

Today I took one last exploration of Malta and then boarded a plane again.

An hour later, I landed for my first time in Africa. By the time I had cleared customs, it was dark out, but for the next couple of days, I will have plenty of time to explore Tunisia.

Stay tuned.

So far, I am enchanted.

Tonight, at my hotel, there is an amazing jazz quartet playing.

We’re off to a grand start.

. . .

Geek note: My tracklogging software decided to stop logging while I was driving this morning, so the blue line for driving around Malta is incomplete. sigh

Tracklog, driving around Malta.
Senglea to Luqa, Malta
Tracklog, flight to Tunis.
Luqa, Malta, to La Marsa, Tunisia · 514 km / 319 mi
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