Spring Break ’19 Day 7: Tunisia

La Marsa, Tunisia

Spring Break ’19 Day 7: Tunisia

I hired a local guide to show me the sights of Tunis and surrounding areas.

Best. Decision. Ever!

Sam was a fantastic guide. His English was impeccable (he had lived in the US for some time), and he was deeply familiar with Tunis and surrounding areas. We got into places that I – as a foreigner incapable of speaking Arabic or French, or knowing the right people – would have never had access to. (If you’re going to Tunisia and would like a guide, I have his contact info and I’ll be happy to pass it along.)

Today I saw the market district of Medina, the ruins at Uthina, and the old city of Sidi Bou Said.

Good news: I have a boatload (literally, hundreds) of amazing photographs.

Bad news (for you): You’re not going to see them for a while. There’s just no way for me to keep up the pretense of daily editing. That … and there’s amazing live jazz happening (again) in my hotel’s bar tonight.

I’m declaring myself on vacation from editing my vacation photos.

Photos from Tunisia will appear sometime after I’m back at home.

More soon.

La Marsa to Uthina, Tunisia, and back · 117 km / 73 mi
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