Spring Break ’19 Day 8: Tunisia and Beyond

Zriba El Alia, Tunisia

Spring Break ’19 Day 8: Tunisia and Beyond

I got to see a bit of the mountains of Tunisia today.

This was, as I like to call them, a scoping trip. See a few new places briefly, get a flavor for what they’re like, remember where I might want to return to someday for a deeper visit.

I was fortunate to have Sam to guide me again today. He took me into the mountains where the (mostly) abandoned ruins of a centuries-old village were carved into the hillside. He then took me to the airport, where I am beginning my journey back to Seattle.

There will be more photos when I get a chance to catch my breath.

Today’s flight tracklog took a rather curvy path for two reasons, as I understand it:

  1. Israeli airspace is closed to Emirates airlines because the two countries do not have diplomatic relations.
  2. There were heavy thunderstorms over the part of Saudi Arabia where the “normal” flight path would have taken us. We got some turbulence for a bit, but judging by the lightning flashes I saw out my window (right side of the plane), we were wise to divert to the north as we did.

It’s now just past 4 in the morning in Dubai as I write this. I’m doing my best to stay awake now, sleep on the flight, and hopefully be sort of adjusted back to Pacific time when I return. Wish me luck.

Tracklog, driving.
La Marsa to Tunis airport, Tunisia, by way of Zriba El Alia, Tunisia · 167 km / 104 mi
Tracklog, flight.
Tunis, Tunisia, to Dubai, United Arab Emirates · 4915 km / 3054 mi
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