Europe ’18 Days 8 and 9: Jersey

I spent about 24 hours exploring the island of Jersey.

24 hours is never enough time to truly explore a place, but, in the scheme of a busy, nomadic trip, it was what I had.

I’m thankful for my time on Jersey. Maybe someday I’ll be back to explore the Channel Islands in more detail. I especially regret that I couldn’t make time to spend on Guernsey. On the other hand, I now know that I’d want to make time for a day trip to nearby Sark, so if/when I do return to Guernsey, I’ll be better prepared.

Herewith, are the photos from my exploration yesterday and today of Jersey.

(Oh, I should mention: This was some of the most adventurous driving I’ve encountered anywhere. Jersey’s roads are narrow. Let’s just say there were many impromptu lessons in on-the-fly calculations of how wide my car was compared to how wide the available space was. Fortunately, I aced the test.)

I am in London tonight for a quick overnight; will be moving on to Germany for the remainder of this trip.

Driving around Jersey, United Kingdom
Driving around Jersey, United Kingdom · 104 km / 65 mi
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