Europe Day 40: Escaping the Microwave

So the plan was to go slightly north from Pula to maybe Trieste on the Italian coast and lay low for a day or two before proceeding to the next airport. But instead the heat wave sunk in.

When we arrived in Trieste around noon, it was 35°C / 95°F, and it just wasn’t inspiring to get out and make photos in the bright light and intense heat.

So we kept looking and searching for places with a reasonable combination of temperature, scenery, and available lodging. Long story short, we wound up in Salzburg, Austria. Not many photos today, as we needed to pound down the miles, but tomorrow should be very promising.

While in Slovenia, we stopped briefly in a small village to make a few photographs. Little did we understand the alarm we could cause by doing so. Our car has Croatian license plates. Apparently the sight of Croatians hanging out (and especially, taking photographs) is quite concerning and people started asking questions very quickly.

Once it was clear we weren’t Croatian (even before we identified ourselves as American), tensions diminished very quickly. One very nice older gentleman motioned for us to follow him to his house. We did and were treated to some very nice grapes growing in his garden and some nice photos of said grapes.

Day 40 tracklog.
Pula, Croatia, to Salzburg, Austria · 650 km / 404 mi
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