Europe Day 26: Goodbye Family, Hello Finland

This morning I watched as my wife and daughter walked through security and on towards the flights that will take them home.

Our paths diverge today and I continue on for another three weeks or so on my own. As I write this, their flight is said to be somewhere over that great frozen tundra known as Greenland.

A couple of hours after they left Oslo, I also left Norway and headed east to Finland. I am writing from my hotel in Helsinki, watching the sun make a semi-futile attempt to set at almost 10pm. This is summer at 60° latitude!

After a long day of driving (yesterday) and a day of flying and airports (today), I desperately needed a walk. So … here are a few photos from a walkabout in central Helsinki. Tomorrow I shall hit the road and explore some of nearby rural Finland.

Day 26 tracklog.
Oslo, Norway, to Helsinki, Finland · 862 km / 536 mi
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