Europe Days 43-45: More Unplanned Adventures

I guess the charitable way to put this is the European mainland wanted to hang on to me a bit longer.

Circumstances conspired to keep me in Vienna a few days longer than planned and there are some parts of the journey that have had to be scrapped, but … such is life.

The important pieces: I’m OK, I was able to remain comfortably in Vienna for a few days while I got things in order, and I had the company of my dear friend Keron for an extra day.

Today I am at the Vienna airport. The plan was to fly to London and then home to Seattle. But, when I arrived at the check-in counter for British Airways, the plane that was supposed to take me to London had not yet left London. There would not be enough time for me to make my connection, so I am rebooked.

If I have to wait another day, why not ask for a change in venue? So, tonight, I will be in Paris, and from there I can take (hopefully – please no more changes to the plan!) a direct flight home.

While waiting things out in Vienna, I took many long walks around the city. Here are some photos captured from those walks:

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