A New Version of the Site

Welcome to my completely new web site.

Most everything that was here before is still here, but it’s getting to you by a whole new mechanism. Most of you won’t care and won’t really notice much different; the same content is here.

Where Did the Comments Go?

I’ve decided not to continue allowing comments on my site. There were never that many comments here anyway and comments are kind of messy; as a site owner, they create an obligation for me to moderate and respond in a timely fashion, which I often don’t have time to do quickly anyway. I have an archived copy of the existing comments; if I ever decide to allow comments again, the existing ones will come back.

Why Rebuild?

Mostly I decided to rebuild the site because I was frustrated by my previous site, built on SquareSpace. I had two primary concerns:

  1. SquareSpace wouldn’t host videos and I sometimes have interesting videos to post. (Side note: Go back and re-read my posts from the Europe trip. Several of those articles had relevant video which I’ve now added.)

  2. Adding new content while abroad is painful. Several times while writing articles about the Europe trip this past summer, I found it very difficult to submit photos to SquareSpace. SquareSpace is great when the Internet is great, but it really falls down in constrained network situations. I travel enough to feel that pain routinely.

It’s worth noting that I think SquareSpace is a great solution for most people. I’m just that rare bird who both travels and wants enough control over my site to think a different approach.

What Else?

If you’re that geeky, please read About the Site for more technical information about how the site is built.

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